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XMPP allows users to connect to the server from multiple clients simultaneously, using the same account. I built an application that does this but if the desktop client is enabled, I do not want the users to be able to connect using a mobile client. This is for a game and being connected to both causes problems.

So what I'm wondering is: Is it possible to detect if there are other clients connected using the same account. If I can check for other clients, I can auto logout the user.

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@Flow was on the right track. If all of your client instances use the same resource, in most servers, the later-connecting client will replace the older session. The older session will get a conflict stream error, and be disconnected. You MUST be careful not to auto-reconnect with the older client, or you will have written the "dueling resources" bug.

If you had control over your server, you have a chance at configuring it to allow a maximum of one resource for a given user, in which case the newer connection will fail with a conflict error, but you'll have worse user interface problems if you head down that path; there will be no way to get the second client logged in, even if you wanted to.

Finally, all resources for a given user are subscribed to that user's presence. As long as your client sends presence in:


you will receive presence from each of your other devices:

<presence to='' from=''/>
<presence to='' from=''/>
<presence to='' from=''/>

You could use this to decide which client is current, perhaps by adding an extension to the presence like XEP-0115.

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Give the desktop and mobile client a fixed but different resource string. If the mobile client logs in, it can detect the presence of the desktop client by looking up the presence/availability of the resource of the desktop client and vice versa.

Then you only need to implement an custom XMPP ad-hoc command (XEP-0050) that tells the conflicting resource to log out.

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It would be the servers responsibility: to reject a login from a client that is not accepted. I don't know if servers are able to blacklist xmpp clients but, in case you use openfire, you should be able to write an extension.

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Unfortunately, I do not have control of the server. There is not a command I can send to the server to get a list of clients logged in with "my" username? – robisaks Sep 1 '11 at 15:26
The only chance I see is that when you're game server(?) receives a message from a user, the full jabber id may tell you the client and so the game server could block that user... although it doesn't sound optimal... – Andreas_D Sep 1 '11 at 15:35

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