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I have a lot of dynamic code which keeps complex relations in a string. ex:


How can I check if these relations exist? I want a method like the following:

  raise "n00b" unless Product.has_associations?("product.country.planet.galaxy")

How could I implement this?

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I think we need more code here, what kind of association are you storing in the string? active record associations? – Jimmy Sep 1 '11 at 15:19
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Try this:

def has_associations?(assoc_str)
  klass = self.class
  assoc_str.split(".").all? do |name| 
    (klass = klass.reflect_on_association(name.to_sym).try(:klass)).present?
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just replaced reflect_on_association(name) by reflect_on_association(name.to_sym) and worked like a charm! – Tom Maeckelberghe Sep 2 '11 at 11:28

If these are active record associations, here's how you can do it:

current_class = Product
has_associations = true
paths = "country.planet.galaxy".split('.')

paths.each |item|
  association = current_class.reflect_on_association( item )
  if association
    current_class = association.klass
    has_associations = false

puts has_association

And this will tell you if this specific path has all the associations.

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If indeed you are storing the AR associations in a string like that, this code placed in an initializer should let you do what you want. For the life of me I can't quite figure out why you'd want to do this, but I trust you have your reasons.

class ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.has_associations?(relation_string="")
    klass = self
    relation_string.split('.').each { |j|
      # check to see if this is an association for this model
      # and if so, save it so that we can get the class_name of
      # the associated model to repeat this step
      if assoc = klass.reflect_on_association(j.to_sym)
        klass = Kernel.const_get(assoc.class_name)
      # alternatively, check if this is a method on the model (e.g.: "name")
      elsif klass.instance_method_already_implemented?(j)
        raise "Association/Method #{klass.to_s}##{j} does not exist"
    return true

With this you'll need to leave off the initial model name, so for your example it would be:

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