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Does anyone know how to change the dimensions of each page on an Acrobat document.
Also how can I see the dimensions of each page seperately??

For example I have a 3 pages document. The first 2 pages are of the same dimensions 8.2 x 11.6 inches. However the 3rd is smaller. How do I make it larger?


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With Mac OS X and the more recent versions of Acrobat Pro, the PDF printer option does not work. What does work is doing basically the same thing in Preview App. Open the multi page file in Preview, select File>Print. In the Print dialog set your sheet size as if you are using a printer. You may want to select "Auto Rotate", "Scale to Fit" and "Print Entire Image". Then in the lower left corner is the drop button "PDF" and in that menu select "Save as PDF". Give it a new file name, click Save and then you can open the resulting file in whatever PDF app you want and the sheet sizes are the same.

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You have to use the Print to a New PDF option using the PDF printer. Once in the dialog box, set the page scaling to 100% and set your page size. Once you do that, your new PDF will be uniform in page sizes.

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I want the same thing, but in a PDF we will send to other people. I am on Mac, but others might be on Windows or Linux. Will this mixed-sizing of the pages within a PDF work for everyone when they open it up in Acrobat 9 or above? Thanks. (Apologies for rejuvenating an old thread, but the question is as relevant today as then -- because Powerpoint does not offer this functionality natively. Hence the resorting to PDF.)

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