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I'm a total newb to data binding in GUI applications and I've been trying jgoodies PresentationModel to achieve it using Swing for a while. And, as long as I used it to bind form components to a bean with simple properties, everything went smoothly. The problem arose when I tried to use the same approach with a bean that inherits some of its properties as the bean doesn't get updated when I change the textfield that is supposedly bound to the property. What I find curious is that the textfield content changes when I programatically change the content of the bean's property. So I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong. Getting into details, here's what I've got

public class Prospect extends Company implements Recordable {
   private long reference;
   //class' setters and getters
protected void setPropertyChangeSupport(){
   propChangeSupport = new ExtendedPropertyChangeSupport(this);


Which inherits from

public abstract class Company implements Serializable {
//for use with jgoodies binding framework
public static final String PROPERTY_TRADING_NAME = "tradingName";
public static final String PROPERTY_WEB = "web";

private String CompanyID;
private String tradinName;
private String web; //pagina web

protected ExtendedPropertyChangeSupport propChangeSupport; //to be set by the subclass

public Company(){}
 public String getTradingName() {
    return tradingName;

public void setTradingName(String tradeName) {
   if ( !(tradeName.equals(tradingName)) ){
     String oldTradingName = tradingName;
     tradingName = tradeName;
             oldTradingName, tradingName);
//.... the rest of setters and getters
 public void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener){

public void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener){
protected abstract void setPropertyChangeSupport();


And, I use the following presentationModel to bind the bean Prospect

public class ProspectPresentationModel extends PresentationModel{

public ProspectPresentationModel(Prospect prospect){
  super(prospect, new Trigger());
public ValueModel getTradingNameModel(){
  return getBufferedModel(Prospect.PROPERTY_TRADING_NAME );

Wich I finally use in the panel view as follows public class ProspectrecrodManagerView { ....

public ProspectRecordManagerView(ProspectPresentationModel prospectMdl){
  prospectModel = prospectMdl;

public void initComponents(){
  javax.swing.JTextField nameTexF = BasicComponentFactory.createTextField(prospectModel.getTradingNameModel());


Any help will be very much appreciated,


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not updating the view can often be tracked to missing firing in the bean ;-) Can't tell from the snippets, only that setPropertyChangeSupport looks suspicious - what's it for? – kleopatra Sep 2 '11 at 8:23
@kleopatra Thank you for having a look at this. In this case I didn't forget firing the change event. I'm actually doing it from the parent class. I don't know if this is the right way to do it when your bean is inheriting the property you want to bind, though. Regarding to the setPropertyChangeSupport, it was just a change I made (a desperate measure if I may say) to see if creating the new instance of PropertyChangeSupport in the child class (Prospect) instead of in the parent would make any difference: Apparently not. Aside from that, the method doesn't do anything. – David Sep 2 '11 at 15:40
okay, thanks for info. Should work, doesn't matter if the property is defined on class itself or on subclass. Time for a small runnable (sscce) ... – kleopatra Sep 3 '11 at 13:27

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