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We currently have a system with live video encoded to an MPEG-TS multicast stream, being received by televisions with STBs. In addition to televisions we'd like to embed the video in our Windows application.

I know that VLC will receive the stream, but would prefer both a solution that I can embed in an existing application without playing window moving games, and one without licensing problem. I realize that likely means that I'm not looking at a free solution, that's fine, within reason.

Anyone know of a good product for this? Either something easy to use, or a plug-in for WMP.

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You'll need to develop a simple DirectShow filter that listens on a given port and just passes down every packet it had received.

I don't have a sample handy, but it's really simple, several hundreds lines of code.

Then you just connect this filter to an MPEG2 Demultiplexer capable of decoding transport stream.

NVidia and Elecard come to mind first, though the former one does not connect under debugger.

Then you connect the demultiplexer to the decoder and finally to the renderer.

The demultiplexers and decoders handle the live stream issues well, you just capture the UDP packets and send down to them.

Due to licensing issues, MPEG2 decoders cannot be free (ffmpeg and VLC violate the license), so you'll have to buy the decoder.

Visit, they have a nice range of MPEG2 products.

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The Elecard MPEG2 plugin did exactly what I need. Took a bit of doc reading to get that I needed to use the elecard: protocol in order to do proper RTP and not the WMP style RTP. Only question is if it's for commercial use is it more or less than $25 per? – Darren Clark Apr 7 '09 at 22:11

Expanding on Quassnoi's answer...

You might check out the Haali Media Splitter to act as a "MPEG2 Demultiplexer." This is a filter that just pulls the compressed video and sound out of the transport stream, so I'm guessing it doesn't have any licensing issues. Most PCs with a DVD player on them already have a licensed DirectShow MPEG2 decoder, so you can probably just use one that's already installed (or purchase a license from a place like elecard if you really want to be safe).

As you are developing your DirectShow application, you might find Monogram GraphStudio to be a helpful tool in designing the filter chains.

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These are running XP embedded, and don't have MPEG2. I was trying to avoid going down the filter writing route, I've done it before, but I'd rather buy one. Thanks for a link to the next filter down the chain if I need to do it that way though. – Darren Clark Apr 7 '09 at 22:13

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