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Is it possible to make a Primefaces Layout Scrollable? I dont want to make my layoutUnits scrollable as I dont really want multiple scrollable elements on the pages. I would prefer for the page & content panels to resize according to the content, so the user can view the data in a linear fashion. I am currently using a full page primefaces layout:

<p:layout fullPage="true"> 

If this isnt possible then what is my best alternatives as I quite like the primefaces components but could live without its layout features.


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You can create a layoutUnit for center, then provide a style class in it, where in your css you can provide scrollable along to x and y position.

<p:layoutUnit position="center">
    <div id="myScreen" class="right col scroll-x scroll-y">
        <ui:insert name="content">My Screen Content Goes Here</ui:insert>

And in cc file --

.col {
top: 0; bottom: 0; 

.scroll-x { 
overflow-x: auto; 

.scroll-y { 
overflow-y: auto; 

Hope this would help.

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as far as i can tell it cannot be done! I dumped the primefaces layout and went with a generic web layout...

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I don't believe that layouts are right for what you want to do here. This is good for enabling templating on a single page and the such. You might be able to however put an iframe within a layoutUnit to emulate the same effect though I have never tried this personally and couldn't tell you if it will work or not.

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