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In Backbone.js, I have a model I am binding a change event to, but I want to prevent this from happening on specific attribute changes. For example, I want it to fire for every single time model.set() is called, except when calling model.set({arbitraryName: value}).

Here's what I have:

this.bind("change", function() {

But I have no clue how to determine what is being set--any ideas?


It looks like I can call

model.set({arbitraryName: value}, {silent: true}) 

to prevent the change event from firing (which works for what I need), but what if I have something bound like:

this.bind("change:arbitraryName", functionName)
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You can consider using hasChanged in the event handler?

var self = this;
this.bind("change", function() {

I'm not sure I understand your question completely. Please notice the difference of the above, and the below.

this.bind("change:someAttribute", function(){

The first one will fire update on any change where someAttribute remains constant. The second one will fire update on any change to someAttribute.

Hope this helps.

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Now how did I miss that? Thanks! –  Ian Hunter Sep 1 '11 at 20:19

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