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I've gone round and round trying to come up with the cleanest / easiest way to write request specs for certain pages of my site. I basically need a way to get Capybara to load pages that only accessible over https. Here are the pertinent details:

  • I'm currently using RSpec, Capybara and FactoryGirl on Rails 3.1.0
  • Its an e-commerce site. Some controllers force all actions ssl using the new force_ssl method in the controller class definition while some do not. I need the cart and checkout pages to be always https://, of course, while the rest of the site should remain accessible over http://.
  • I would be OK with somehow stubbing the SSL aspect of the requests if only I knew how to do it!

I'm sure many people out there have faced this same challenge. How did you do it?

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What Capybara driver are you using? It should work fine with Selenium.

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