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Given that we have the following View:


<TextBlock Text="Some text"/>
<Image Source="{Binding vmImageProp}" Height="10" Visibility="{Binding vmImageVisProp}" />


At startup, when the ViewModel is initialized and bound to the View, the vmImageVisProp is set to Collapsed. It is correct, I don't need to reserve space for a hidden image.

At some point of application execution a logic tells the VM to make the Image visible. If I just set the vmImageVisProp property to Visible, my StackPanel will re-size momentarily, creating a not desired jumpy effect.

But I want to animate a smooth re-size of the StackPanel, and then, when the blank space is ready, the image will appeare there.

I know how to have a sequence of animations for this.

What I don't know, is how to work around an unknown final size of the StackPanel. I need to know it in order to tell the animation of how big the value of StackPanels' height should get.

I know that the stack panels' height should increase by 10 (the height of the appearing image), but when I define an animation, I need to explicitly set the resulting height on the stackPanel.

Since I am to execute an animation from a ViewModel code, I could have calculated it on the fly, but I am not aware of how to get the Height of a StackPanel, since the viewModel knows nothing of it.

What is the correct way to animate such an image insertion?

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With WPF and Silverlight (for the web) there is a Visibility.Hidden value that hides the element but reserves the space it would require. However, I think this is not available in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.

As an alternative, how about setting the image's Opacity to zero, then setting it to 1 to reveal it? With a zero opacity you will have the image height / width available to you in order to perform your animation.

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I don't need an alternative ways to animate. As well as that I don't want a space to be reserved for an image. I need to dynamically expand the StackPanel, and for this I need to know, how to get the StackPanels' size in my ViewModel. – Maxim V. Pavlov Sep 1 '11 at 23:54
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In case anyone needs a solution for future reference:

I have found this blog article:

It shows how I can use ViewModel driven animation using the features in Visual State Manager.

Exactly what I needed.

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