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Is there a sleep() function for Processing.js? If not what would be a suitable alternative to add a delay in the draw() loop?

I am using JQuery with Processing - can I use a JQuery or Javascript function to cause a sleep type delay in the loop?


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Processing has a delay() function but unfortunately that is not implemented into Processing.js yet.

You can mix JS(JQuery,etc.) with Processing though. Processing 1.9.9 has a Javascript mode now and there are examples for Processing/DOM integration, like SelectionFlower. In the sketch/pde file there is a method setup to be called form js:

// called from JavaScript
void setSelectionText ( String txt )
    selectedText = txt;

and in the js file, a timeout is set to make sure the sketch is initialized and can be accessed:

var mySketchInstance;

// called once the page has fully loaded
window.onload = function () {

// this is called (repeatedly) to find the sketch
function getSketchInstance() {
    var s = Processing.instances[0];
    if ( s == undefined ) {
        setTimeout(getSketchInstance, 200); // try again a bit later

    } else {
        mySketchInstance = s;

Then when the sketch instance is available, you can simply call a method/function on the sketch:

function monitorSelection () {
//bla bla
mySketchInstance.setSelectionText(txt);  // set the text in the sketch


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Excellent answer - thanks! – logic-unit Sep 1 '11 at 20:03

Here is my solution.

void waitasec (int sec) {

   int minutes = minute();
   int seconds = second();
   int hour = hour();
   int starttime = (hour * 3600) + (minutes * 60) + seconds;
   int finaltime = starttime + sec;

   while (starttime < finaltime) {

       minutes = minute();
       seconds = second();
       starttime = (hour * 3600) + (minutes * 60) + seconds;
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A resource consuming solution:

int timer = 0;
void draw() {
 if (timer%50 == 0) {
  //some code here
 timer = timer +1;
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.delay( duration [, queueName] )

Description: Set a timer to delay execution of subsequent items in the queue.

See the link http://api.jquery.com/delay/

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