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Re-posting a question from the soon-to-be-sunset Facebook developers forum.

An earlier poster and I are receiving consistent 500 errors returned on fetching a URL such as:

Receiving the 500 error seems to depend on IP address. In my case I'm making repeated searches from a Google App Engine backend; the original poster also mentioned repeated searches but didn't mention if it was GAE. In each of our cases, we get successful responses from our browser or running the same code from a different IP address.


  • Is this a standard response if an IP is blacklisted, which I suppose could happen when lots of apps share an IP range?

  • Is there a suggested way to "play nicer" to avoid these errors, albeit again if we're sharing an IP range with lots of other developers, this might be out of our control?

  • If it's not a blacklist issue, what could it be?

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I'm seeing similar behavior as well. Also, the 500 response contains a Json error message with a "type" of "RequireCaptcha". Which is weird because, well, we're accessing the system through the API; of course the accessor is not a human! – nss Sep 2 '11 at 19:48
I'm the original poster of this problem. I'm sending graph api request trough node.js scripts and not GAE. It would be good to have some facebook engineers to have a look on it ,since this is a bug, I did submit it: – user784960 Sep 4 '11 at 9:29

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