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I have the following scenario:

Public Class MyType
   Public string A{ get;set;}
   Public string B{ get;set;}
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("myNode", typeof(MyType)));

What is the most efficient way to locate a row that holds a MyType where A = "specific value" other than doing a for each?

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Datatable.rows has a find() method, however I've never been satisfied with the speed of it if you're dealing with a large datatable or many finds. If you're only dealing with 2 columns of data, have a look at using a hashtable instead. They are VASTLY faster when it comes to searching.

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There is Select and find methods for datatable. May be you can use that.

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I addition to what Jeff Bane proposed, consider filtering your data at the database level (SELECT ... WHERE ...). For truly gargantuan volumes of data, nothing beats the database.

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