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Anyone have experience with compiled query syntax for VB? I'm used them a few times in C#, but can't seem to make the translation. My code is below:

#Region "Locals"
    'Data context objects '
    Private _dbOrderInfo As New OrderInfoDataContext
#End Region

#Region "Delegates"
    Public Shared ReadOnly Func(_dbOrderInfo, Boolean, IQueryable(Of SalesRep))
#End Region

#Region "Compiled Queries"
    Public Shared Function(Of _dbOrderInfo, boolean, IQueryable(Of SalesRep)) _      
                        SalesRepsByStatus = CompiledQuery.Compile( _
                            Function(db As _dbOrderInfo, active As Boolean) _
                            From sr In db.tblSU4SalesRep Where sr.Active = active)
    End Function
#End Region
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In your code it looks like you are referring to the instance _dbOrderInfo in your method parameters rather than the type (OrderInfoDataContext). See if it works by referring to the type instead. Also, you might want to check out this

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