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I'd like to be able to detect whether an audio file has embedded album art and, if not, add album art to that file. I'm using mutagen

1) Detecting album art. Is there a simpler method than this pseudo code:

from mutagen import File
audio = File('music.ext')
test each of audio.pictures, audio['covr'] and audio['APIC:']
    if doesn't raise an exception and isn't None, we found album art

2) I found this for embedding album art into an mp3 file: How do you embed album art into an MP3 using Python?

How do I embed album art into other formats?

EDIT: embed mp4

audio = MP4(filename)
data = open(albumart, 'rb').read()

covr = []
if albumart.endswith('png'):
    covr.append(MP4Cover(data, MP4Cover.FORMAT_PNG))
    covr.append(MP4Cover(data, MP4Cover.FORMAT_JPEG))

audio.tags['covr'] = covr
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Embed flac:

def add_flac_cover(filename, albumart):
    audio = File(filename)

    image = Picture()
    image.type = 3
    if albumart.endswith('png'):
        mime = 'image/png'
        mime = 'image/jpeg'
    image.desc = 'front cover'
    with open(albumart, 'rb') as f: # better than open(albumart, 'rb').read() ?
        image.data = f.read()


For completeness, detect picture

def pict_test(audio):
        x = audio.pictures
        if x:
            return True
    except Exception:
    if 'covr' in audio or 'APIC:' in audio:
        return True
    return False
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where does the Picture() function come from? what do you have to import? –  Danny Feb 10 '12 at 20:22
it's "from mutagen.flac import FLAC, Picture" you should have include this in you soulution –  Danny Feb 10 '12 at 22:39

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