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Is there a way to generate an XSD document automatically from the binding.xml used by JIBx? This is mainly to allow offline validation of the XML documents will be unmarshalled eventually.

I checked the JIBx homepage, it mentioned a tool called Schema Generator:

but looks like the jibx-genschema.jar file is no longer part of the package anymore, as such I was wondering if there is any alternative


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Schema generator main class is org.jibx.binding.Compile. It is available in jibx-bind.jar. This jar can be added to your project with maven dependency org.jibx:jibx-bind:1.2.3 (for example).

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The SchemaGen tool has been included in the jibx-tools.jar file for some time. See the JiBX Binding Generator page for instructions on running tools in the jar, just substitute the target class org.jibx.schema.generator.SchemaGen to run the schema generator.

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