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I wonder if every developer would have to code statistic visualization by him/herself, or if there's a lib already that can be used to draw charts, curves, stats, etc. (like in the stock app for example)?

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Take a look at this graphing package, it will also compile on the iPhone:

Note that I've not used it yet, I ran across it before and made a note of the potential usefulness of it.

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You might use the Google Charts API, and just use the images that come back from that:

For instance, you can retrieve the bytes from this URL,40&chs=250x100&chl=Hello|World

and insert them into an NSImage, or just let the web view do the rendering for you.

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Core Plot is a cross-platform (Mac / iPhone) plotting framework being developed by a group of scientifically-minded Cocoa developers. It is based on Core Animation, and was advancing quite quickly the last time I checked in. You might want to read the mailing list archives to get an idea of the design goals and current state of the framework.

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