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I have an ant project I'm converting to gradle. In the ant project, there is something like this:

<copy todir="dest_dir">

The filter chain expands properties like ${property}, but ignores dollar signs without braces. I'm trying to replicate this behavior in gradle.

If I expand as below, gradle expands the files as a groovy template, which tries to expand dollar signs with braces.

copy {
   from 'source_dir'
   into 'dest_dir'

If I filter with the ant ExpandProperties filter class, I get a NullPointerException. Is there an easy way to do this I've missed?

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Ok, I figured this out. The ExpandProperties filter needs its project property set with the Ant project. This is how I got it configured to work:

copy {
    from 'source_dir'
    to 'dest_dir'
    filter(, project: ant.antProject)

This expands properties like ${property} exactly the same as Ant, without getting tripped up on dollar signs without braces.

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