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Given that:

  • You have some Key-Value data that can be modified
  • Modification is done via by applying filters to the data. Filters that control what gets changed are created by non-technical people
  • The filters are setup using regular expressions. An example of a rule described as part of a filter may be "If a key matches some regex, replace value with some other value"

How would you:

If filters are to be produced by business people, who can't create regular expressions, in what form would you have them submit their input that would be easily translated to regex?

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Unless you have a VERY SPECIFIC set of filters that can translate easily enough to regexes on the back end, I doubt this will work. –  Jack Maney Sep 1 '11 at 21:27

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Agent Ransack contains a GUI editor for creating regular expressions from plain English, I would suggest taking a look at that and implementing your own variation of it.

See the screenshot for an example:taken from app website

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Very cool! Thank you –  Jam Sep 2 '11 at 13:32

If it works, I would go for "wildcard only" support - ie the asterisk * is the only special character allowed and you translate that to the regex .*? in code.

Most non-technical people can grasp * meaning "anything".

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