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New to using SQLAlchemy and ORM in general. I have a function I would like to call on an object and depending on whether or not an existing id has been passed to the function INSERT or UPDATE the DB.

def storeFoo(self,session,FooObj=None,Fooid=None):
    if Fooid:
        Foo = session.query(ConfFoo).\
                    filter(ConfFoo.id == self.id).first()
        #Update Values
        Foo.name = self.name
        Foo.startdate = self.startdate
        Foo.enddate = self.enddate
        Foo.timeperiod = self.timeperiod
        Foo.users = self.users
        Foo.keywords = self.keywords
        Foo.type = self.type
        Foo.perms = self.perms

        Foo = ConfFoo(name = FooObj.name, startdate=FooObj.startdate,
                            enddate = FooObj.enddate, timeperiod = FooObj.timeperiod,
                            users = FooObj.users, keywords = FooObj.keywords,
                            type = FooObj.type, perms = FooObj.perms)
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If id is the primary key then you should do .one() instead of .first() in the update case. Also you can move the session.add call to outside the if/else, so you only have it once. Besides that, what you have looks fine. –  wberry Sep 1 '11 at 22:33
Thanks. I added session.commit() and it saved fine –  BillPull Sep 1 '11 at 23:09
@wberry: in fact for PK one probably should use Query.get: sqlalchemy.org/docs/orm/… –  van Sep 2 '11 at 5:51

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