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I am trying to take data from a HTML and generate a report from that data for printing, as the internet connection is not persistent, it is important report in print format is generated on client side only i.e. a web-browser.

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Generate BOTH the screen and print versions from the server at the same time. Enclose different parts in DIVs with class="NotOnPrint" for the screen-only stuff, class="NotOnScreen" for the print-only stuff, and nothing extra for items that should appear on both screen and print. Then use this CSS:

@media screen { .NotOnScreen { display: none; } } @media print { .NotOnPrint { display: none; } }

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It is if the page with data supports CORS

Otherwise you hit the browser security limitations.

If you do not control the page providing data it probably won't work.

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If the data in the original HTML is sufficiently regular that you can parse it with reliability, it is possible to write a browser-resident bookmarklet that will mangle the DOM in any way you choose; if you packed enough logic into the bookmarklet, you could even delete the original, keep the data, and create a completely new page with the data, rendering from templates.

This is not, however, your basic Javascript app. Bookmarklets are something of a Dark Art.

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sounds awesome, thanks a lot :) Can i have some tips or pointers in order to learn this Dark Art ? – abhishek77in Sep 1 '11 at 23:08
How to make a Bookmarklet:… The "dark art" bit is in learning how to cram the entire thing, library and all, into a single string that'll fit in a browser's bookmarks file. – Elf Sternberg Sep 1 '11 at 23:14

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