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I need your suggestion on this:

  1. Suggest/Recommend a tool and/or version of Java to use for developing bar graphs by reading input from text file.

  2. I am working on a group project and my friend will provide the data (internet usage, time duration and name of application in form of numbers) I need to show this in form of UI, I want this Java code to run as a exe, which on clicking reads file (text preferably) stored in local machine and show user the analysis graph.

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You have to basically do the following

  1. Write a java program to read the file content to a data model. Depending on the file format, you can find open source parsers.
  2. Once you read the data, you can use a library like JFreechart to create a bar chart and display to the user. for more info look here enter link description here
  3. There are lots of libraries to make a java application as an executable. one such library is enter link description here
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