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I whant to set the text of an uilabel on a callback of a cfsocket, but it don't work. Error is : "Use of undeclared identifier 'label'" But this setText work in other functions, why not in this one?

Callback function :

static void receiveData(CFSocketRef s, CFSocketCallBackType type, CFDataRef address, const void *data, void *info)
    UInt8 *buff;


    CFDataGetBytes(data, CFRangeMake(0, CFDataGetLength(data)), buff);


    [label setText:@"toto"];

Function where setText work :

- (IBAction)deconn:(id)sender
    if (conn_ok && socket && sock_addr) {
        [label setText:@"disconnected"];
        conn_ok = false;
        [sock_addr release];


Ok, I have do this in my function :

socketViewController *toto = (id)info;
[toto.label setText:@"received msg"];

But it don't work, I receive en EXEC_BAD_ACCESS, and I have this in Log :

sharedlibrary apply-load-rules all
warning: Unable to restore previously selected frame.

I think it's a memory access problem, I have add toto = nil; at the end of the function but nothing change.

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receiveData is a function, not a method. You are trying to access a private ivar of an object. Had you used accessors (self.label) this would have been more clear. Use accessors.

You can use the info pointer to pass self to the callback so that you can access the label.

To configure the info pointer, you need to pass a context when you create the socket:

CFSocketContext context = { 0, self, NULL, NULL, NULL };

Now in your CFSocketCreate... call, you'll pass &context for the context parameter.

Rather than implement your own CFSocket, I typically recommend cocoaasyncsocket. It provides a much easier interface.

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@Xantra: 'self' is a keyword refering to this object. You can't use it as an identifier. – sashang Sep 2 '11 at 1:29

receiveData is a static function so it won't have access to any object's member variables (ivars as they are called in Objective C).

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