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So in wordpress, I have a list of pages in my navigation. Home - Videos - Blog

The "Home" shows every blog post regardless of category. How can I make the Videos and Blog show specifically every post from the "blog" category or the "videos".

Thanks Greg

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SO is for programming questions. Try wordpress.stackexchange.com instead. This is a simple question that a google search should answer anyways. –  mrtsherman Sep 2 '11 at 2:18

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You can do this a couple of ways.

First, this functionality is built into WordPress. Every category can be called by a URL:


The /category/ part of the URL is the WordPress default and you can change it under Settings | Permalinks in the Optional section.

The second way would be to create a custom page template and use the query_posts() function to include or exclude whatever categories you wish. The syntax is:

query_posts( 'cat=1' );

To get all posts in category ID 1 (use Posts | Categories to get the ID numbers). If you want a page with two categories:

query_posts( 'cat=1,3' );

To exclude a category and return everything else:

query_posts( 'cat=-5' );

query_posts() is pretty flexible and takes a bunch of different arguments. You could do worse than to read the Codex article for it.

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