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I want to write test for edit post I write something like:

Given I'm on "/post/1/edit" page

but in this time I haven't record with ID = 1, even if I created it in previous test

How to solve it?

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Because it's a test database, you won't know what the id is exactly. I think you're better off to follow the edit link from the index after the post is created.

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Follow to link is nice idea, thank you! – Vyacheslav Loginov Sep 2 '11 at 1:15

You could say:

Given a post exists
When I edit that post

And the steps defs could be:

Given /^a post exists$/ do
  @post = Post.create!(:title => "...")

When /^I edit that post$/ do
  visit edit_post_path(@post)
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