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In Vim, I would like to load a list of buffers without affecting the current window.

I currently load a list of buffers doing

:n **/*.php

It works very well aside changing my current window to the last file that got loaded. I'm looking for a specific solution where the buffers are loaded in the background and my current window is not affected.

I am not after:

  1. How to get my previous window back like:

    :b #
  2. How to create a Vim function to avoid losing my window.

  3. How to create a session and load it back

    :mksession myproject.vim
    # vim -S myproject

Thanks for your help!

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Clear the argument list and add files using :argadd:

:sil! argd * | arga **/*.php

Here all files are deleted from the argument list first by the :argdelete command (since any filename match * file-pattern in Vim). The deletion command is run under the :silent! command to suppress displaying E480 error when the argument list is already empty. After that, any files to be added to the argument list are appended to it using the :argadd command.

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