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I want the TxJobs, which are running in parallel, to create a scope from this parent transaction. How do I make this work?

using (var tx = TransactionScope()) {
    Parallel.Invoke(TxJob1, TxJob2) ;

I passed in a DependentClone:

using (var tx = new TransactionScope()) {
    var dtx1 = Transaction.Current.DependentClone(
        DependentCloneOption.RollbackIfNotComplete) ;
    var dtx2 = Transaction.Current.DependentClone(
        DependentCloneOption.RollbackIfNotComplete) ;
    Parallel.Invoke(() => TxJob1(dtx1), () => TxJob2(dtx2)) ;

In the TxJob1 and TxJob2 methods, it works if I just call Complete on the DependentClones. However, if I create a scope from the clone I get a TransactionAbortedException:

void TxJob1(Transaction dt) {
    using (var tx = new TransactionScope(dt)) {

The exception is raised by the call to Complete in the main method, not in TxJobs. Why does this fail?

[edit] If I explicitly call Complete on the DependentTransaction in TxJobs, then it works. If I don't call Complete on the new TransactionScope in TxJobs (triggering a rollback), then the parent transaction fails. It looks like I have to call Complete on both Transaction objects.

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Have you tried using the DependentCloneOption.BlockCommitUntilComplete option? Even though Parallel.Invoke will block until all parallel tasks are completed, you really want the parent Transaction to wait on the children to complete, not have the children abort if Complete is called on the parent before the children do (which is what DependentCloneOption.RollbackIfNotComplete does). – casperOne Sep 2 '11 at 3:50
@casperOne: Yes, with BlockCommitUntilComplete the code blocks on the main method's call to Complete() and, after a while, times out and throws a TransactionAbortedException. – projectshave Sep 2 '11 at 13:22
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It looks like I have to call Complete on both the dependent clone and the TransactionScope. MS does the same in their sample code.

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