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I am trying to parse the facebook api via someid/feed api using Facebook SDK C#. But I cannot parse the keys quite right. Does anyone have an example of how this should work?

dynamic fb = new FaceBookClient(token);
dynamic feed = fb.Get("123456/feed");
var msg = feed.message; // (do not get intellisense)


var msg = feed["message]; //(returns No data key found error.)
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can you set a breakpoint and inspect the variable? – puffpio Sep 2 '11 at 7:03

You need to pass also appId and appSecret to FaceBookClient. So instead of picking up a constructor, do the settings in Web.Config:

<facebookSettings appId="123" appSecret="abc" siteUrl="..." canvasPage="..." canvasUrl=".." cancelUrlPath="..." />

then try:

FacebookWebClient fbWebClient = new FacebookWebClient();                    
dynamic result = fbWebClient.Get("123456/feed");
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Feed returns a JSON Array wrapped in a result object. Get the result object by calling feed.First(), then loop through the JsonArray to get the individual posts.

const string url = "/me/feed";
IDictionary<string, object> feed = FacebookClient.Get(url, parameters);
JsonArray posts = feed.First().Value as dynamic;
return posts;
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It is so simple as I see.

public dynamic GetFeeds()
   dynamic feeds = facebookClientProvider.CreateOne().Get("/me/feed");

   return feeds;

The will contain the feeds and the data.paging will contain a url where you can download the following feeds.

I'm using Facebook C#SDK Runtime version:v4.0.30319 and Version:

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