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We are looking at an option for uploading large files (in ~100MB+) to S3.

The html-form also contains other meta information about the file, that will be stored in our application database and not in S3. Based on the success/failure of the file-upload to S3, the metadata about the image will be inserted to our application DB.

The application is on Ruby-on-Rails stack and is HTTPS enabled. Form submission to S3, is ruled out, so is a flash based upload. All the other choices we have considered, have their own limitations.

  1. Direct JS upload is not possible because of cross-domain (CORS) limitation with S3.

  2. Configuring the HTTP server (nginx) with OPTIONS as mentioned here ( But the application (i.e, nginx) will run behind ElasticLoadBalancer on HTTPS. Is there a better way to handle this requirement on ELB ?

Are there other good patterns for this requirement in AWS World ?

Thanks, Sriram

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CORS is now supported, so your option 1 will now work

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Why do you say form submission is ruled out?

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Presumably, because the file has to go to S3, but the rest of the form has to go to the server for saving. – ceejayoz Mar 19 '12 at 18:30

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