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Here is example: word "organisation" is splitted to 3 sections (MS office WORD). I dont want to write my own reader for this thing, is there already exist any really good in use tools for this kind of operation?

{\fs18\lang1033\langfe1049\langnp1033\insrsid3933006\charrsid7092944 organi}{
\fs18\lang1033\langfe1049\langnp1033\insrsid5647147\charrsid7092944 s}{\fs18\lang1033
\langfe1049\langnp1033\insrsid3933006\charrsid7092944 ation}
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Could you describe what you are trying to do? Are you trying to do search and replace on existing RTF files, or do you want to generate new RTF files? –  this.lau_ Sep 2 '11 at 4:31
@Laurent I need to open existing file find and replace some text. –  Anthony Dev Sep 2 '11 at 4:41

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