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I am evaluating BPM offerings to be used within our application. I wanted to find out

  1. the differences between Bonitasoft / jBPM and Activiti
  2. Some of these products provide forms generation capabilities - are they any good? Would you use it in place of custom web forms or in addition to custom web forms


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mastertheboss.com/activiti-bpmn/… –  ATMTA Aug 22 '13 at 7:22

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take a look at the activiti in action book from manning publication. This is still in MEAP edition so you can download the sample chapter.

Start reading from the section that reads "ACTIVITI AND JBPM". It also compares Activiti and Bonitasoft.


Hope this helps.

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I got this book about a week back. –  shikarishambu Mar 16 '12 at 14:36

I was also going through the same confusions about BPM selection. Now i am done with my research and going with Activiti.

Key points :

  • Its really easy to start working on it. It can be deployed in most commonly used server Apache Tomcat
  • It provides couple or war files like activiti-explorer and activiti-rest for deployment. REST APIs are clear and focused. You can download the same from download activiti
  • It's providing plugins for eclipse IDE to draw process diagram.
  • The core development members of Activiti are from the same project of jBPM.

While working with jBPM, the designer and drools are not properly synchronized at times. Even the REST APIs are not so descriptive and clear.

BonitaSoft, as open source, lacks many important features. It's good if you are going for a licensed version of it.

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the good thing about jBPM5 is that is completely integrated with Drools and Drools fusion, allowing you to model and execute complex business scenarios. At least in my experience once you get the process engine the next step is to integrate it with a Rule Engine and probably with complex event processing features. jBPM provides all of this out of the box and the good thing is that you don't need to learn different APIs to use all the features.

You also need to evaluate the tooling that in jBPM5 supports the complete lifecycle providing you tools for authoring your processes and rules and a repository to manage and store your processes.

Another good thing is the jBPM5 community, there are a lot of people adopting the project and a book will go out before the end of the year.

Hope it helps Cheers

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you may also want to take a look at Eclipse Stardust (http://www.eclipse.org/stardust/), a comprehensive and mature open source BPMS under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

In this thread I wrote some commenst comparing it to Activity: What is diffrence between Startdust and Activity

Best regards


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