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Possible Duplicate:
How to sort a NSArray alphabetically?

I am using below code to load data into UITableView from NSArray.

How can I sort them in alphabetical order ? Mine is NSArray not NSMutableArray nor I am using Dictionary

defaultVot = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:pathToVot error:&error];

NSString *fileName = [[defaultVot objectAtIndex:indexPath.row-1] lastPathComponent];

NSString *filenameWithoutExtension = [fileName substringToIndex:[fileName length] -4];

cell.textLabel.text = filenameWithoutExtension;
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Maybe this [link][1] would help. [1]:… – mayuur Sep 2 '11 at 5:04
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Check this

And also this

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You should probably sort your array earlier. (Likely when you load the list.) Then use the sorted array as the datasource.

NSArray * defaultVot = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:pathToVot error:&error];
NSMutableArray * array = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:[defaultVot count]];
for (NSString * f in defaultVot){
    NSString *fileName = [f lastPathComponent];
    NSString *filenameWithoutExtension = [fileName substringToIndex:[fileName length] -4];
    [array addObject:filenameWithoutExtension];
NSArray * sortedArray = [array sortedArrayUsingSelector:@selector(caseInsensitiveCompare:)];
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sortedArray = [yourArray sortedArrayUsingSelector:@selector(localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare:)];
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You can see Apple's documentation on how to accomplish this.

As an example:

// From the Documentation
sortedArray =
    [anArray sortedArrayUsingSelector:@selector(localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare:)];

This will return a new array that is sorted using the rules for the current locale (in a case insensitive manner).

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