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I use 'SQLite-' from http://sqlite.phxsoftware.com/. I have a db of 'World.db3' with 3 tables City, Country, CountryLanguage. I use VS2008 to generate a demo.edmx from that db.

But in the programming:

WorldEntities we = new WorldEntities(); is right.

WorldEntities.City city = new WorldEntities.City(); is error.

It says:

'WorldEntities.City' is a 'property' but is used like a 'type'.

But I can see the City in demo.Designer.cs.

public partial class WorldEntities : global::System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext

public partial class City : global::System.Data.Objects.DataClasses.EntityObject

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WorldEntities is your context, the City is a property on that object.

Remove the prefix "WorldEntities." and add the appropriate namespace for the type City.


ModelNamespace.City city = new ModelNamespace.City();
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You're right. I screwed up between different namespaces due to 'stupid' naming conventions. Thanks! –  hbrls Sep 2 '11 at 8:04

WorldEntities is a class not a namespace so you need to write:

WorldEntities we = new WorldEntities();
we.City = new City();
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That's incorrect since the we.City is a badly named collection of cities in the OP's case –  Roger Alsing Sep 2 '11 at 9:18
Bad naming convention on the part of the OP doesn't make my answer incorrect, especially given that wasn't part of the question. –  Darren Lewis Sep 2 '11 at 10:07

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