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Possible Duplicate:
Java abstract interface

public interface Foo {
   abstract public void bar();

I guess we don't need to declare abstract as well as public in the above interface. Will the compiler catch this is as a warning or is it allowed by the compiler.

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Maybe you could just try ? – Clement Herreman Sep 2 '11 at 8:04
The abstract modifier for Interfaces is obsolete. – Vineet Reynolds Sep 2 '11 at 8:06
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You don't have to, every interface method is implicitly abstract. It will not be a mistake to write it though.

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It is allowed. public and abstract are automatically added to every interface method.

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In an interface the the modifiers public and abstract are implied for methods, similarly for fields public static and final are implied. For inner classes static is implied.

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For interface methods, it is not necessary to declare public and abstract by default those are public and abstract

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It is not necessary but it won't hurt to write it. These modifiers are implied.

I like to do it so everything is explicit and may help other programmers that will work with your code.

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You are allowed to declare abstract inside the interface. The complier can pass it.

public interface foointerface {

    abstract public void foo();

    public void bar();

But there is no point to declare in abstract since we would not implement or allow to implement methods inside interface.

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