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My first attempt at installing Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java failed due to Avira AntiVir detected a malware on it, so I had to "ignore" the Malware and cancel the installation (which it seemed to not undoing it properly) and restart installation.

However the next installation failed while giving the following message:

Nokia Connectivity Framework(NCF) is already installed. Please uninstall NCF and press 'Ok' to proceed with installation.

At this point I am stuck. I've deleted the C:\Nokia\Tools folder entirely, and I can't find the "Nokia Connectivity Framework (NCF)" entry on "Add Remove Programs. There's not even a Cancel button (to close the installer) or Override button on this dialog box. Quite annoying. :-(

If you have a solution for this problem, please help.

(originally blogged at http://qt-mobile.posterous.com/how-to-uninstall-nokia-connectivity-framework )

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I used regedit.exe to find key :


You will find something like :


Change it to :


(you can undo by renaming it back, if needed)

Then just press ok, or try installing again.

I have done this on 2 computers : one running vista and the other running windows 7.

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Wow THANK YOU ......! Works very well! –  Hendy Irawan Sep 15 '11 at 16:00

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