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I am developing an android application in which I have created a database named HeadShop. When I run the code it is crashing. Below is the crash report:

09-02 14:29:36.441: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(14984): java.lang.RuntimeException: 
  Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.redorange.database/com.redorange.database.HeadshopDatabaseActivity}: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: table HeadTable already exists: create table HeadTable( _id integer primary key autoincrement, Name text not null, Grade text not null, Description text not null);
09-02 14:29:36.441: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(14984):     at android.app.ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:1622)
09-02 14:29:36.441: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(14984):     at android.app.ActivityThread.handleLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:1638)

Can anyone help me in this regard?

I have coded acc to sqlite example.

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Its crashing because you are trying to create a table that already exists. Modify your create table query.



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should i paste my code here..so that u can have a look,,,,its not even writing the database... –  Mobile Sep 2 '11 at 9:23
yea sure, edit your question to include your code. –  Pim Reijersen Sep 2 '11 at 9:24
do u have email id?? where i can send u code... –  Mobile Sep 2 '11 at 9:59
@user813953 You should generally post your code here at StackOverflow, as a part of your question. So anyone could help to solve your issue. –  Idolon Sep 2 '11 at 10:07
@Idolon see my code below –  Mobile Sep 2 '11 at 10:48

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