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I have downloaded the Android SDK and installed the Android Development Tools in Eclipse.

Now when I try to add Third Party Add-ons in the Android SDK and AVD Manager I get this :

Failed to fetch URL

I have already set the path to the Android SDK, and tried to disable the firewall, and even I started SDK Manager from the command promopt. Nothing has corrected the problem yet.

What's this problem ?

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Have you tried using http rather than https ?

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Change your URL from https to http as suggested by Matt Colliss. –  MduSenthil Sep 2 '11 at 9:31
Still no accepted answers? Yes, I have the exact same problem (except running on a Mac)--and changing https to http doesn't solve anything. By the error message, it says, "file not found." Where is the file? And more importantly: where is the information that tells where that file is (so we can track it down when it changes again)? –  Scott Biggs Nov 12 '11 at 18:19
No answer yet, I moved to Windows Phone development now. and very happy with it. –  wassim-azirar Nov 16 '11 at 9:13

I also have this problem, and I resolved. in the Eclipse click "help" -> "Check for Updates" The problem is solved after update Android SDK and AVD Manager separated into Android SDK Manager and AVD Manager Now

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For ubuntu linux 12.04 sdk 7 I had to delete the .android FILE in my home directory, create a .android DIRECTORY create a .android/cache directory

then re run the tool, I was initially going to manually download the files into the cache directory as specified by the android sdk tool.

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Go to your settings or options check the force https option and make sure that the http proxy server textbox is empty.

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