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I use EclipseLink as my JPA2 persistence layer, and i would like to see the values sent to DB in logs.

I already see SQL queries (using <property name="eclipselink.logging.level" value="ALL" /> in my persistence.xml), but, for example in an SQSL INSERT, I do not see the values, only the placeholders ?

So, how to see what values are sent

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You'll need to use a JDBC proxy driver like p6spy or log4jdbc to get the SQL statements issued with their values instead of the placeholders. This approach works well you are using a EclipseLink with a connection pool whose URL is derived from persistence.xml (where you can specify a JDBC URL recognized by the proxy driver instead of the actual), but may not be so useful in a Java EE environment (atleast for log4jdbc), unless you can get the JNDI data sources to use the proxy driver.

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