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I am trying to modify following script to do this check:

Check if input VALUE and ALT are the same.

If yes: empty VALUE

If no: keep VALUE

This is the script I am working on: (the part that i commented out, is where i tryed to figure out how to make the changes myself).

    <script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
        jQuery.fn.placeholder = function(){
            return this.each(function(){
                var element = $(this)
                var insertedNow =element.after("<span class='placeholder-spanbox'>"+ element.attr('alt')+ "</span>").attr("alt","").next('.placeholder-spanbox');
                var leftOffset = (element.innerWidth() - element.width())/2+parseInt(element.css("border-left-width"));
                var topOffset = ((element.innerHeight() - element.height())/2)+parseInt(element.css("border-top-width"));
                var inputWidth = element.width();   
                var inputHeight = element.height(); 
                var placeholderPos = inputHeight + topOffset + leftOffset;

                var objCSS = {'-webkit-transition':'opacity 100ms ease-in','-moz-transition':'opacity 100ms ease-in','-o-transition':'opacity 100ms ease-in','-ms-transition':'opacity 100ms ease-in','transition':'opacity 100ms ease-in','font-size':element.css('font-size'),'font-family':element.css('font-family'),'color':'#000000','font-weight':element.css('font-weight'),'width':element.css('width'),'float':element.css('float')};

                var inputVal = element.attr("value");
                var inputAlt = element.attr("alt");


                // if(inputVal == inputAlt){
                //  $(this).attr("value","123");
                // }    

            function clickSpanBox(event){
                var inputBox = $(this).prev();
            function updateSpanStatusFocus(event){
                var $this= $(this);
                    var spanBox = $this.next('.placeholder-spanbox');
            function updateSpanStatusKeyUp(event){
                var $this= $(this);
                    var spanBox = $this.next('.placeholder-spanbox');
            function updateSpanStatusKeyDown(event){
                var $this = $(this);
                if($this.val()=="" && (event.keyCode>54 || event.keyCode == 32)){
                    var spanBox = $this.next('.placeholder-spanbox');
            function updateSpanStatusBlur(){
                var $this= $(this);
                    var spanBox = $this.next('.placeholder-spanbox');



And here the html markup example:

<input type='text' name="userName" class='contactInput spanOverlay' alt='* Name' value='test'></input>

Thanks for your help!!

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Is this what you want?

if (element.val() == element.attr('alt')) {
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Hi, Yeah thats about what I need and I have also come to this code, but unfortunately it doesnt work as planned, because the value doesnt get removed even though alt and value are the same :/ – Andrej Sep 2 '11 at 9:40
Hi again, I think the problem is that the script is not able to find the alt attribute of my input. When i tryed to compare value and title instead of alt, it worked just fine. Any idea why that could be? – Andrej Sep 2 '11 at 9:49
I have rechecked and I think the problem is that whatever attribute is being used by the script to generate the overlaying spans for the inputs, can not be used again :/ It works when I use title for the primary script function and than i write the same alt tag and use it to check against value. IS there a way to avoid that? and to use only one attribute for both checks/functions? – Andrej Sep 2 '11 at 10:05

there's something called .defaultValue in javascript u could use this to compare against current value

here's an example on how its done


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Hi Breezer! Thanks for the answer! Would you mind to give me a concrete example using my script above? What would it look like there? Thanks and I hope I dont ask too much! – Andrej Sep 2 '11 at 9:44

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