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I have created a three-column layout with div tags and I am now facing a problem.

Around the three columns, there is a wrapper-div that is also used as a background (color and border). In the very right column, there is dynamic content that overflows sometimes to the right. The problem is, when that happens, the wrapper-div does not expand and therefore the background is cut off.


How to expand my background-div to its dynamic content?

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Update wrapper CSS -

overflow:hidden; /*This will work*/

or you need to check the height of 3 cols using jquery and find the greater one and set the height to its parent

<!--var col1 = $(".col1").outerHeight(); -->

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You cannot do this using DIVs and CSS only.

In ONLY CSS you have to use tables instead of DIV.

OTHERWISE use javascript (jquery) to calculate the whole size of your showing DIV elements and affect new width value to the main DIV wrapper.

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if this was a "normal" layout width:auto would suffice, however as the poster correctly stated above, this can't be achived with your current layout. You need to use JQuery to allocate the total width first.

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