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I have a class which is used for creating gates for a circuit program. I'm currently having problems with the 'Or' gate. For the gates, you click a button and move your mouse to a position on the form, this generates a logic gate. You can move the logic gate to any position on the form by simply moving your mouse cursor around. Then click the position to have it drawn to the form. My query is, when moving the Or gate (which is basically a triangle, with input and output pins sticking out each side) the triangle is unable to move freely, more rather, no matter where you put your mouse, it just moves downward in to the right, in a diagonal position.

Here is the code to check whether or not the mouse is on the gate.

     public override bool IsMouseOn(int x, int y)
         if (left <= x && x < left + WIDTH
         && top <= y && y < top + HEIGHT)
            return true;
            return false;

And here is the code that is suppose to move the gate freely.

    public override void MoveTo(int x, int y)
        Debug.WriteLine("pins = " + pins.Count);
        left = x;
        top = y;
        // must move the pins too
        pins[0].X = x - GAP;
        pins[0].Y = y + GAP;
        pins[1].X = x - GAP;
        pins[1].Y = y + HEIGHT - GAP;
        pins[2].X = x + WIDTH + GAP;
        pins[2].Y = y + HEIGHT / 2;

This calls MoveTo

         private void Form1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            if (startPin != null)
                Debug.WriteLine("wire from "+startPin+" to " + e.X + "," + e.Y);
                currentX = e.X;
                currentY = e.Y;
                this.Invalidate();  // this will draw the line
            else if (startX >= 0 && startY >= 0 && current != null)
                Debug.WriteLine("mouse move to " + e.X + "," + e.Y);
                current.MoveTo(currentX + (e.X - startX), currentY + (e.Y - startY));
            else if (newGate != null)
                currentX = e.X;
                currentY = e.Y;

So, yea, it's simply not moving the way it should.

Thanks for any help.

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Where is the code that calls MoveTo? –  Blorgbeard Sep 2 '11 at 9:53
Sorry, this is not a "debug my code for me" kind of site. An appropriate question would be "How do I move a shape with the mouse". One that has been asked several times before. Use the search feature. –  Hans Passant Sep 2 '11 at 10:05

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