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I have really simple and lame question (i hope it's simple).

I'm quite new to symfony2 and i'm not sure how to use bundles. I'm trying to use IvoryGoogleMapBundle ( https://github.com/egeloen/IvoryGoogleMapBundle ) and i need to say that documentation is really good but i can't understand one thing. I'll write what have i allready done and what i need:

I've uploaded all the bundle files to src/Ivory/GoogleMapBundle directory. Added proper lines to app/autoload.php and to app/Autoload.php(according to documentation).

Now i'm trying to display the most simple map possible and there are a lot of examples in the documentation but i have no idea how to define new Map object in my controller (all the examples presuppose that $map variable allready exists and holds this object). Can you just write the most simple controller for me whitch will have this $map variable definition ? Do i need to create all those Entity files mentioned in doc ?

If something is unclear, please just tell me, i'll do my best to explain it better.

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try $map = $this->get('ivory_google_map.map'); in your controller.

Full list of services you can use (under List of available services)

What are services?

Side note: external bundles should be placed in /vendor/bundles/Organization/BundleName (so /vendor/bundles/Ivory/GoogleMapBundle and not /src/Ivory/GoogleMapBundle )

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great, that's it! Now i know what are those misterious services :) big thanks! –  mbajur Sep 2 '11 at 10:31
what do My\Funcking\ApiHelper and My\Funcking\MapHelper means? –  M Rijalul Kahfi Oct 20 '13 at 22:09

or else il your controller is :

class DefaultController extends ContainerAware

try this:

$map = $this->container->get('ivory_google_map.map');
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