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I'm planning to do a C++ standalone desktop application which uses web / html as the main format of it's documents content.

I need suggestions for a good application server that can generate dynamic contents and can be easily embedded in my desktop application. It doesn't matter what server side programming languages it supports.

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I'm assuming that your application will be used through a web-browser interface, which is the reason why you are generating HTML content. With that in mind, you can still use C/C++ for your both the front and back end logic through a web-server.

There are several small & fast web servers that support CGI services. You can then write your back-end servers using C/C++ as CGI services. You can also write your client using C/C++ with an embedded browser like Gecko or Webkit within it.

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there's nothing better than Lua for embedding a language in a C/C++ application. do that, and you can simply add Xavante, which with the full Kepler environment supports very flexible and modern web apps.

(disclaimer: i'm one of the Xavante authors; but i'm writing this more because i love Lua than because of any pride about Xavante)

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