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There is a feature (associated revisions) in Redmine to link commits with tasks with specific keywords typed in comment on commit:

Default keywords are:

* for referencing issues: refs, references, IssueID
* for fixing issues: fixes, closes

When I make commits (from Visual Studio 2010 + Mercurial) to the repository, all referencing keywords are working fine but “fixing issues” keywords (fixes, closes) don’t change the status to “done”.

Any suggestions?

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Log in as an admin and go to Settings -> Repositories -> Referencing and fixing issues in commit messages:

redmine settings

Make sure that:

  • you have a status defined in the dropdown applied status
  • you're using the correct keywords in your commit messages

The following examples will close an issue for the above settings:

  • fixes #1234
  • closes #1234

To have the issue get closed, redmine will have to read the latest commit messages. Usually redmine does this when clicking on the Repository tab. You may also configure a rake task which does this regularly.

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Another answer to this is "not possible".

Redmine has distinct statuses of "resolved" and "closed". You can map a set of keywords to a single status, but you can't configure different keywords to different statuses. In other words, you can't configure "fixed" to mean status of fixed at the same time that "closed" means a status of closed. You can do either, but not both.

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In the current redmine it is now possible to map different keywords to different statuses. – stmsat Apr 10 '14 at 9:05

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