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How to check if elements of the BeautifulSoup parse tree are in the same <p> tag?

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  • If you know both nodes are directly underneath a <p> tag, check equality of the nodes nodea.getParent() == nodeb.getParent(); more generally, search (recursively) upwards until you hit a <p> tag. Do this separately for each node, then compare the results for equality:

    getContainingPara(nodea) == getContainingPara(nodeb)

    (Let's ignore the corner-case of nested <p> tags.)

  • else, iterate through all <p> tags, using text search or regex(es) to search for matches on both:

    pat1 = re.compile(regex1)
    pat2 = re.compile(regex2)
    for para in soup.findAll('p'):
        mat1 = pat1.search(para)
        mat2 = pat2.search(para)
        if not (mat1 or mat2): continue
        # found your match
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Note that simple recursive search might be not enough, nodes can be on different level. – liori Sep 2 '11 at 22:01
@liori: It is enough, I edited my answer to clarify it's two separate recursions. For each node, recurse up until you hit the first <p> tag (or else terminate if you hit root node). – smci Sep 2 '11 at 22:15

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