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I am currently learning Actionscript 3.0, mainly to start developing mobile games for Android. Device central is really useful to emulate the Flash content running on devices, but I thought there was a way to test directly on the device itself via USB. Am I mistaken here, because I cannot for the life of me find any information on doing this. I found several guides on how to get the USB connection up, but the actual testing/debugging itself seems to be done exclusively in Flash Builder. I am using Flash CS5, and I want to test my AS3 projects directly on my Nexus S via USB. The only guides I can find detail the publishing of Flash projects to Android, which is a fairly lengthy process. Surely there has to be a quicker way to preview content directly on your phone without having to go through the entire process of creating an APK for it?

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This should help you out...

Getting Started with Adobe AIR for Android

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That was exactly what I was looking for. Had some initial trouble finding the Flash extension and getting my drivers set up correctly, but I got it working in under 20mins. Thanks a bunch! :) – Jort Sep 3 '11 at 16:55

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