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I have 2 tabs with tagID "tag01" and "tag02". I have explicitly set the focus to first tab by calling tabHost.setCurrentTab(0)

When i call getLocalActivityManager().getActivity("tag01") i get the object of activity but when i call

getLocalActivityManager().getActivity("tag02") then i get NULL.
//Log.i("tab status: ", getLocalActivityManager().getActivity("tag02")+""); prints null
//Log.i("tab status: ", getLocalActivityManager().getActivity("tag01")+""); prints com.test.TestActivity@437c06c8

Now when i again run my app and this time click second tab and then getLocalActivityManager().getActivity("tag02") gives object (toString() in logcat). So after checking it again and again i found that "only activity in first tab( that i had set focus explicitly by tabHost.setCurrentTab(0)) returns non-null" and other tabs return null unless u don't click those tab. When i click all tabs i.e atleast i go through all tabs by clicking them then getLocalActivityManager().getActivity(anyTag) returns object(i am tracing toString()) . How to access activity from other tabs without clicking other tabs because user won't know that he/she has to click tabs. Please give some suggestions. Because i have to access activity in tabs in my app. I hope you understood my problem.


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Why do you use tabs if you don't want them to be clicked? Why not use just one activity? –  vallllll Sep 2 '11 at 12:25

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The activity is not created!

if you have n tabs You could do this in your onCreate():

for(int i=n-1;i>0;i--)

In this way, the tab displayed is the first tab (with index 0) and getLocalActivityManager().getActivity(anyTag) will return non-null

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Thank you. It worked. Just a minor modification in above code for(int i=list.size()-1;i>0;i--) tabHost.setCurrentTab(i); i-- instead of i++ :D Thanks a lot –  padam thapa Sep 2 '11 at 12:52

i could able to get the activity instance with out running the for loop by setting the CurrentTab property value before calling getactivity function.


tabHost.setCurrentTab(i); //i index of anytab activity
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