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I should send Hi" to a Yahoo server, so in PHP I should place \ befor the ", but it will get bad JSON arguments. How should I do it?

Place Hi" in JSON code without error?

$message = "Hi\"";
$postdata = '{
             "message" : "'.$message.'"
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You might find this question useful:… – antur123 Sep 2 '11 at 12:25

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Use json_encode instead of hand-crafting JSON:

$postdata = json_encode(array("message" => $message));

If you must handcraft your JSON, don't forget to add a backslash before a quotation mark:

$message = "Hi\\\"";
// or, more clearly ...
$message = 'Hi\\"';
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+1 on json_encode – Qualcuno Sep 2 '11 at 12:51
+1 on json_encode from me also. You really shouldn't be hand-coding your JSON. – Spudley Apr 19 '12 at 18:03

New line character will not work in case of Tooltip with some browsers.
Not working \r\n or \n
Not working single quotes \'abcd

Use double backslash to escape characters.

Solution : use '\\\r\\\n' in place of '\r\n' ,
it will solve your problem.
Happy coding...!

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