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I am using MKMapkit for map-section in my app. I have to display a pin image enter image description here as MKAnnotation. When I add the annotation in map view, the center of the image, points to the latitude and longitude. But I want that the bottom-left corner of the image should point to the specified latitude and longitude. I am following the link MapCallouts for displaying the annotation. Is there any way to achieve the target. Then please help.

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You need to set appropriate value to centerOffset property of annotation view:


By default, the center point of an annotation view is placed at the coordinate point of the associated annotation. You can use this property to reposition the annotation view as needed. This x and y offset values are measured in pixels. Positive offset values move the annotation view down and to the right, while negative values move it up and to the left.

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Thanks for the help. It's working great. –  iPhoneDv Sep 2 '11 at 13:29

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