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I would like to inject my context to my Utility classes, I have seen examples using Static fields, Are there any ways to do it with out static fields?

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I tend to use a Provider to inject the context when I need it.

public class MyClass
    private Provider<Context> contextProvider;

    public MyClass(Provider<Context> contextProvider)
        this.contextProvider = contextProvider;

    public doSomething()
        Context c = contextProvider.get();
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You can do this in several ways, Pass the context to Utility class or use a service locator or anotate the utility class with @Inject attribute. See more details here.

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FYI, the linked article references the RoboGuice 1 way of doing things, not the newer RoboGuice 2+ way. –  Jon Adams Mar 26 '13 at 15:08

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