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I have some zipped plug-ins, when I try to unpack that the unpacking fails. When I looked deep into it I found that the some of the files are exceeding 256 characters, which I guess is not allowed in WINDOWS operating system.

So my question is there any way to find out if any file name inside a particular folder exceeds 256 characters?

I'm using WINDOWS XP operating system.

Thanks in advance!!


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Without having your zip file is a bit harder to find out if the problem is exactly what you said... AFAI remember, 7zip would truncate the long file names, not "not extract" them. But I don't have any zip with long names to test.

I'd try some things:

  1. Open the zip file with 7zip and try to rename the long names, instead of extracting them.

  2. Try to open the zip file with other zip app, like (izarc)[], and rename the files

  3. If you don't have access to another computer, try to use one of the available online unzippers. For example:

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